1-800-CHILD-SLAVE-4U | Georgia Tann

Ginger takes Ren on a journey into the world of child trafficking, which surprisingly has nothing to do with satanic cabals or online furniture outlets.

Georgia Tann was a strong lady boss back when there weren’t very many lady bosses. Too bad her business was an adoption racket that went on for more than a decade. We’re talking conning families, destroying records, straight up kidnapping, and going door-to-door to sell kids like they were vacuums. The 1940’s was a weird time, folks.

Self Care Plan

Ginger was supposed to write a self care plan on a Sunday morning, but instead took much needed muscle relaxers and took a nap. Here are her spontaneous, medically related, not-just-because-of-muscle-relaxers tips!

  1. Do you need to take a day off? Take a f***ing day off. You’re not disappointing anyone, and, if you are disappointing anyone, f*** it.
  2. Advocate for yourself. Especially with your doctor. If you have a chronic condition, or are a woman, or have an invisible illness, it may feel scary and you may feel “hysterical.” If in person is too much, try one of the health apps and text all of your concerns to the doctor at 3am. They get paid enough; don’t worry.
  3. Steroids are great. We all got scared of steroids because they make your balls tiny or something. But, coming from Ginger (a cisgender lady without balls but with chronic back pain), they have changed her life. You should probably talk to your doctor first, though.


Published by The Void Will See You Now

The Void Will See You Now is a podcast about self-care; if self-care is one long scream into the void.

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