The Dolores Umbridge of American Politics | Phyllis Schlafly

Welcome back, dear listeners. Ginger takes us back into the Dead Asshole Archives to talk about NOT another U.S. president! Instead, we will be talking about Phyllis Schlafly, a woman who did her damnedest to screw over other women.

Live, Laugh, Love, and Don’t Shoot ’Til You See the Whites of Their Eyes | Kaitlin Bennett

Welcome back, dear listeners. On this episode, Ren decides to educate Ginger on Kaitlin Bennett. You know, Kaitlin Bennett?

A YA Novel for Fiscal Conservatives | Warren G. Harding

Welcome back, dear listeners. On this episode, Ginger dives back into the Dead Asshole Archives to unearth–you guessed it–another US president! It’s amazing how many of those guys are in there.

Female Psychopath Dot Net | The 22 Convention

Welcome back, listeners. On today’s episode, Ren invites Ginger to the 22 Convention, the “mansplaining” event of the century, where men use terms like “manosphere,” “patriarch,” and “sexual marketplace” to teach women how to be great again.

Off-Roading Trains | The West Virginia Coal Wars

Welcome back, dear listeners. We hope you all had a lovely holiday season and, in the spirit of the New Year, Ginger has decided to try something new from Dead Asshole Archives.

Putting the “Nude” Back in Christmas | The War On Christmas

Welcome back, dear listeners. It’s that most wonderful time of the year, the time when dedicated soldiers from across America fight in the worst conflict in all of human history. That’s right, it’s “The War on Christmas.”