You Can Feel The Boner Behind It | Richard Wagner

Welcome back, dear listeners! Ren and Ginger continue to take on the technical challenges that plague this hellscape we are all trapped in. In the meantime, do you know what Adolf Hitler and Bugs Bunny have in common?

Stop Teaching the Incels Tai Chi | Semen Retention

Welcome back, dear listeners! In this episode, Ren and Ginger brave this brave new world of remote tele-podcasting to talk about a new way to wellness: semen retention. That’s right, you can blue-ball your way to wellness, gain irresistible magnetic attraction, and achieve god-like powers. Sure, you may find yourself in bed with misogynists, incels,Continue reading “Stop Teaching the Incels Tai Chi | Semen Retention”

The Racist-Ass Strategy | The Southern Strategy

Welcome back, dear listeners! To finish out our Black History Month mission of calling out racist shenanigans, Ginger talks about the Southern Strategy, which is why Republicans get to say they’re “the party of Lincoln” while still using the phrase “the War of Northern Aggression.”

Live from Rush’s Bedroom Toilet | Rush Limbaugh

Welcome back, dear listeners. Sorry for the delay; did you know that they don’t teach you audio editing in undergraduate social work programs? No matter! On this week’s episode, Ren discusses how difficult it is to talk about someone’s legacy, especially when that someone is Rush Limbaugh.

The Love Letters of Warren G. Harding | Bonus Episode

Hello Dear Listeners.  Have you ever wanted your ears to melt off? Not yet? Well, join us as we read the love letters of Warren G. Harding (president and Sam the Eagle impersonator) to his mistress. Featuring special guest, Jerry!

Live, Laugh, Love, and Don’t Shoot ’Til You See the Whites of Their Eyes | Kaitlin Bennett

Welcome back, dear listeners. On this episode, Ren decides to educate Ginger on Kaitlin Bennett. You know, Kaitlin Bennett?

A YA Novel for Fiscal Conservatives | Warren G. Harding

Welcome back, dear listeners. On this episode, Ginger dives back into the Dead Asshole Archives to unearth–you guessed it–another US president! It’s amazing how many of those guys are in there.