The Caucasity! | A TFNG Game Show

On this very special episode, we are joined by Ren and Ginger’s collective husbands on a game show of “Which terrible person said this terrible thing?” Including such icons like Ronald Reagan, Phyllis Schlafly, Donald Trump, and a lot of jokes about how many dumb motherf***ers run our country. 

An Ouroboros of Bull***t | QAnon

On today’s episode, Ren takes us on a journey to the worst part of the internet, where Beyonce is Italian and everyone’s a pedophile. That’s right, we’re talking Conspiracy with a capital Q.

Hollywood Squares | Will Hays

Welcome back, bright-eyed ingenues! On this episode, we’re heading straight to Tinseltown,  where everyone’s dreams come true, particularly one man’s dream to ruin everyone else’s good time.

Manchild, The Episode | Peter III of Russia

Welcome back, dear listeners! On this most auspicious day, the day that Hulu releases its brand new series ‘The Great,’ we figured we would give you the lowdown on one of its primary figures. No, not Catherine the Great, but her husband, Peter the Mediocre At Best.

Stop Teaching the Incels Tai Chi | Semen Retention

Welcome back, dear listeners! In this episode, Ren and Ginger brave this brave new world of remote tele-podcasting to talk about a new way to wellness: semen retention. That’s right, you can blue-ball your way to wellness, gain irresistible magnetic attraction, and achieve god-like powers. Sure, you may find yourself in bed with misogynists, incels,…

The Racist-Ass Strategy | The Southern Strategy

Welcome back, dear listeners! To finish out our Black History Month mission of calling out racist shenanigans, Ginger talks about the Southern Strategy, which is why Republicans get to say they’re “the party of Lincoln” while still using the phrase “the War of Northern Aggression.”


Hello, dear listeners! TFNG is on hiatus this week, as Ren has a freshly baked niece, and she simply cannot record an episode when she needs to be there in person to make Wallace Shawn comparisons. See you next week!

Live from Rush’s Bedroom Toilet | Rush Limbaugh

Welcome back, dear listeners. Sorry for the delay; did you know that they don’t teach you audio editing in undergraduate social work programs? No matter! On this week’s episode, Ren discusses how difficult it is to talk about someone’s legacy, especially when that someone is Rush Limbaugh.

Female Psychopath Dot Net | The 22 Convention

Welcome back, listeners. On today’s episode, Ren invites Ginger to the 22 Convention, the “mansplaining” event of the century, where men use terms like “manosphere,” “patriarch,” and “sexual marketplace” to teach women how to be great again.

Preparing to Launch!

Hello, one and all, which is mostly just one because we are just starting this thing. Welcome to This F***ing Guy! It’s a podcast, or at least it will be! There are episodes, when I finally figure out how to upload them! So, mostly, get excited for what’s to come. Cheers, Ren

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