We’re Here For The Sex | Gender Reveal Parties

On this episode, Ren talks about the very recent phenomenon of burning down entire ecosystems in order to learn the shape of your unborn child’s genitals.

Gender reveal parties are only about 10-12 years old, a pre-pubescent sh*tbird that’s composed entirely of gender stereotypes and capitalism. But, who cares about undermining the gender binary when there’s cake involved, I guess. Mazel tov! Featuring Ren’s terrible college roommate, Laverne Cox as our gender guardian angel, and the best compliment anyone’s ever received.

Self Care Plan

This last year has been hell on our social lives (or at least it has if you’re not a complete dingus). So, let’s talk about self-group activities that you can do virtually.

  1. Have a spa day. Grab your favorite products, make some cucumber water, put on your favorite Enya track, and video chat with your friends while waiting for that face mask to dry. It’ll feel like a real day at the spa, but way less expensive than hiring a crop duster to announce your baby’s genitals.
  2. Swap recipes. Set up a pinterest or even an email chain and start sharing your favorite meals with your friends. You can share your results and build up your own collection of  cake recipes with none of the gender essentialism.
  3. Have a game night. Jackbox Games is the first to come to mind, but there’s always the classics like Words With Friends and other like-minded apps. Play online Monopoly and crush your enemies, I mean friends, all without starting a single forest fire.


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The Void Will See You Now is a podcast about self-care; if self-care is one long scream into the void.

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