Several Degrees in Mouth Stuff | Alexander Graham Bell

On this episode, Ginger discusses another historic inventor who was weirder (and worse) than you thought.

Alexander Graham Bell is well known as an American icon for his invention of the telephone, despite the fact that he was Scottish and lived mostly in Canada. What’s less known is his party trick of fisting his dog’s mouth, dating and marrying his teenage student, and–oh yeah–all the ableism and eugenics. Happy Deaf History Month! Featuring a Monty Python reference, the ethics of masturbating to Space Jam, and the revelation that Ren and Ginger don’t know anything about President James A. Garfield.

Self Care Plan

How to be a good ally to the deaf community. I got this from deaf blogger “mommy gone tropical” if you wanna check out more of her stuff. 

  1. LET THEM ADVOCATE FOR THEMSELVES JFC!!! You know who is the most effective advocate for the deaf community? DEAF ADULTS. Deaf children usually need more assistance because they’re children, but defer to a deaf adult if one is willing to advocate for the child. 
  2. The deaf community is not a monolith. Not all d/Deaf people have the same needs because they have different levels of hearing loss. Not all deaf people want the same things. You need to communicate and ask before presuming to speak on their behalf as an ally. So, it is best to start off by asking what do they need from you rather than assuming.
  3. Hearing privilege is a thing. Recognize it. While deaf culture is important and complex and something worth celebrating, deaf people are often treated differently, and often worse, by hearing people. JUST because you know sign language or some things about the Deaf community doesn’t mean you could speak on behalf of d/Deaf people.
  4. Make an effort to make d/Deaf people feel included, always. Take the time to figure out how to communicate and then actually do it. 
  5. Avoid saying or doing anything that frames deafness in a negative way. Language is important so try not to be an ableist jerk like Alexander Graham bell.


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