QAnon Barbie | Marjorie Taylor Green

On this episode, Ren reminds us about the Golden Rule: The Internet doesn’t forget and it doesn’t forgive.

Not-yet-expelled Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green clearly did not learn this lesson. Racist Facebook memes, harassing school shooting survivors, calling on her followers to storm the Capitol back in 2019: it’s been a whirlwind for this Crossfit wine mom on her first month at the job. Who knew that calling for the death of your coworkers would come at the performance evaluation? Featuring apologies to 2000s pop icons, handcuffing the devil, and, of course, Jewish space lasers.

Self Care Plan

Conspiracy theories thrive in times of crisis, which is why it’s important how we are all susceptible to conspiracy theories and how to protect ourselves before we actually believe that the water is turning the freaking frogs gay

  1. Turn off the news. Not just the news, whatever is making you anxious. Emotions don’t just happen to us; we have a lot of control over what we feel and when. One of the best ways to curb intense negative feelings is to avoid or dial back on whatever is causing them. Doom-scrolling on Twitter? Turn off that app. Constantly checking news updates? Turn off your notifications. Only let what you want get in your head, so nothing but possum memes.
  2. Practice critical thinking. People often believe in conspiracy theories because of “lazy thinking.” Even brains need a nudge sometimes. Slow down and consider: is this information accurate? Is there bias here? What are the sources? If any of those sources are Facebook groups moderated by Marjorie Taylor Greene, you know what you’ve just read is bullshit. Racist bullshit.
  3. Accept the circumstances. Part of what makes conspiracy theories so enticing is that they neatly explain the unexplainable or make us feel in control of the uncontrollable. Instead of fighting those negative feelings, accept that things kinda suck right now. It is what it is. Just sit back, relax, and know that those Jewish space lasers are taking care of everything.


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The Void Will See You Now is a podcast about self-care; if self-care is one long scream into the void.

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