A Trunk Full of Foreskins | Intactivists

Welcome to the 50th episode of TFNG!

As a special treat, Ginger is gonna make this so weird! We’re talking intactivists, a very niche corner of the internet, which is claims “No Foreskin, No Peace.” Unfortunately, this group also overlaps with men’s rights activists, incels, and the other cool internet kids, all with a healthy dose of–what else?–antisemitism. Featuring crusty pasta nipples, clitoris envy, and another term Ginger has to explain to her parents.

Self Care Plan

So in lieu of a self care plan, we’re going to suggest some hobbies that are a better use of your time than making America’s penis great again.

  1. Stamp collecting! It’s a classic! Fun, colorful, and you get to help out the post office.
  2. Might you enjoy learning to cook? You could learn a skill and save so much money ordering delivery.
  3. Arts and crafts. Make dry macaroni necklaces to grimly remind the macaroni that life is fleeting.
  4. Learn to play an instrument. No, not that one. Put that down.
  5. Fishing. It’s like hunting but very slow and you just issue threats instead of killing the thing.
  6. Bird watching. Because birds are little perverts and largely can’t mate without feeling dirty.


Published by The Void Will See You Now

The Void Will See You Now is a podcast about self-care; if self-care is one long scream into the void.

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