F*** You, Moon | The Reagans & Astrology

On today’s episode, Ginger reads our star signs as she continues discussing the Reagans.

Specifically, how an astrologer to the stars advised the President and his wife on everything from press conferences to trips on Air Force One to bombing Libya. The moon is indeed in the seventh house, where What-The-F*** aligns with Mars.

Self Care Plan

In lieu of the traditional self-care plan, I’m going to highlight some self care tips that the internet claims are good for specific star signs.

  1. If you’re a Gemini, read for pleasure. Rest of the star signs, shockingly illiterate. 
  2. If you’re an Aquarius, take a bath. You smell awful. 
  3. If you’re a Cancer, eat a nutritious breakfast–the rest of us get nothing. 
  4. And finally, horror of horrors, even my horoscope is telling me to do fucking yoga, so I guess us Capricorns are going to do yoga now.


Published by The Void Will See You Now

The Void Will See You Now is a podcast about self-care; if self-care is one long scream into the void.

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