Big Freedom Energy | Anti-Quarantine Protesters

Welcome back, dear listeners! Spring is here, Ren and Ginger are still figuring out their sound equipment, and did you hear about this “pandemic” thing going on?

On this episode, Ren reminds Ginger that things can always be worse, because, even in the midst of a pandemic, people are entitled assholes about not being able to go to their local Applebee’s to drink cheap beer and yell at the waitstaff. These anti-quarantine protests are loud, proud, and full of shadowy financial origins and conservative grifters? Social distancing is communism, y’all!

Self Care

Or: Ren’s Broad Platitudes on How to Live Our Lives.

  1. Find Purpose. We’re living in difficult times. Maybe you’re unable to work or out of work and thinking about protesting the government. But, hey if you want to work, there’s plenty of work to be done! Grocery stores are hiring! Grubhub needs drivers! Be essential or shut the fuck up.
  2. Be Grateful. Sometimes it’s hard to find gratitude when we’re all struggling. Try writing down what you’re thankful for, like your loved ones, or the fact that these protest fucks will probably Darwin themselves out of existence.
  3. Practice Social Distancing. Because social distancing is not communism.


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The Void Will See You Now is a podcast about self-care; if self-care is one long scream into the void.

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