Female Psychopath Dot Net | The 22 Convention

Welcome back, listeners. On today’s episode, Ren invites Ginger to the 22 Convention, the “mansplaining” event of the century, where men use terms like “manosphere,” “patriarch,” and “sexual marketplace” to teach women how to be great again.

Featuring fat-shaming, bad science, and a man who gave himself the middle name “Dream,” all for the low, low price of $2000! But, wait, get your tickets now and save 50%! That’s right, for only $999.99, you too can join Ren and Ginger at the 22 Convention and raise your femininity by 500%! Act quickly; this dumpster fire ends soon!

Self Care Plan

Let’s talk about sleep hygiene.

  1. Be consistent. One of the best ways to train your body to sleep well is to go to bed and get up around the same time everyday. This regular rhythm will help you feel better and give you the energy to destroy the patriarchy.
  2. Avoid caffeine and nicotine. Try to avoid anything with caffeine or nicotine at least 4-6 hours before bedtime, and definitely avoid anyone who calls themselves “patriarch.”
  3. Create the right space. It’s important to have your bedroom be a place for winding down and relaxing at the end of the day. Turn on the fan, turn off the lights, and block out any attempts to “raise your femininity by 500%,” a thing which is in no way quantifiable.


Published by The Void Will See You Now

The Void Will See You Now is a podcast about self-care; if self-care is one long scream into the void.

One thought on “Female Psychopath Dot Net | The 22 Convention

  1. When I heard this was about some guy I’d never heard of, I didn’t think I’d be especially interested. I was wrong. And $9.99 is not a bad price for a ticket.


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